Loyalty Oneworld is a loyalty program that allows customers to accumulate and redeem points with various partner businesses. The loyalty program aims to provide personalized rewards to its members and to reward customer loyalty by enabling them to redeem points at numerous brands and retailers.

Thanks to technological advancements, customers can engage, track their rewards, and discover personalized offers. Over the following years, Oneworld has expanded its reach and impact, welcoming more and more partner businesses into its ecosystem. As customers accumulate points for their purchases across various sectors such as retail, travel, and finance, Oneworld aims to become the largest loyalty program in Mauritius.

This global expansion not only widens Oneworld’s reach but also provides members and partners with a consistent loyalty solution spanning multiple markets. As Oneworld moves forward, it remains committed to writing new chapters in the history of customer loyalty, where every interaction is an opportunity to strengthen the bond between brands.



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